Greetings From Jebel Ali

A few thoughts from within the industrial marketing landscape in Dubai, where we are embedded currently. It is essential to remember your audience and stakeholders at all times. No matter how long you have been working in communications, it doesn’t count for anything if you are speaking another language to your client. This language could be Digitalia, standard English or, even worse, British.

You read it right. British English can be easily confused, either because of our convoluted lexicon and grammatical idiosynchracies (actually maybe that is just me), or simply because we talk too fast and don’t want to offend people by checking they understood. Big mistake.

This applies across the board. I am currently requesting indirect clients to help with simple research on hashtags and Twitter handles on topics relevant to the company for future use and a combination of assumed knowledge and linguistic obstacles has resulted in an incomplete research task. Slightly frustrating but certainly fixable 🙂

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