Back To School

September is approaching fast, companies who are more consumer-facing will be thinking about how to cater their needs and the needs of their offspring’s educational journey. This may manifest itself in the form of discounts on products or third-party incentives such as day trips or tickets for events. All perfectly good and something that should encourage brand participation to a certain point. But does it go far enough? You have done the hard work of identifying your target already so why not make that relationship much more fruitful for both parties?

Let’s assume you have spent resources already on your social media advertising to increase the target audience in your fanbase, a group of people already interested in your product or service. How much do you know about them in order to properly incentivise them? Referring back to the title of this post, do you know if they have children, or perhaps are teachers? You have to tailor your message to their exact needs for the best response, something that a social CRM facilitates. Keeping track of interests and interactions informs every turn of your marketing tactics, making delighting the customer with useful and relevant content and CTAs all the easier.

The very best part is, here at Ashton and Ashton, we take the stress out of your customer relationships. We handle everything for you at every step of the journey, from benchmarking (so you know your competition and context), audience segmentation (know your target), content and channel recommendations (how to reach them), through to building your social capital and building loyalty.

We might even walk your children to school if you ask nicely 😉

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