Slipping Sliding Away

Not one to be overly inspired by Paul Simon, at least not in a bad way, I find myself in the realisation that, at 23:23 on a Tuesday evening, my better half already fast asleep preparing for another busy day of Industrial Marketing tomorrow, I haven’t written a single blog post for at least a day. Nothing. Neither professional nor personal or somewhere inbetween. Considering my incredibly recent declaration to try and be more like Seth Godin with his daily missives, albeit infinitely superior content to the meanderings you are overly-exposed to here, I appear to be slipping back, drifting off the pace. To stave off a similar sensation to the one felt when I led the first (now defunct) Wellhouse Middle School Cross Country Race of the season, only to slip on a cowpat awkwardly (is there any other way to slip?) to finally come in 7th, I decided to open the Mac and boot up WordPress once more.

Actually, I was thrust into the mood by an excellent email from the lovely guys at StockSnap. An email filled with visual delight, the kind of positive energy a Yorkshireman feels when he is the recipient of his weekly handful of quality rights-free stock images.

Thank you StockSnap, you are an awesome service. And thank you Leeroy for supplying the featured image for this post.

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