The CEO Must Blog

Everything points in one direction: successful “thought leaders” blog regularly. Simple as that. For your ideas to be heard you have to communicate them, and Google is one of the best discovery tools available, if not the best.

Thinking about what content I read as a communications professional, it strikes me I’m attracted to readable human truths that I can read on my mobile during downtimes. Usually with a picture or two for good measure too.

When making recommendations to colleagues or clients on how to go about this I’ve had a pretty decent search for UAE-specific examples of successful leaders who blog, to share case studies. Unfortunately all the best examples are international, hence why I’m now launching this project:

“CEOs Who Blog”

The focus will be on the UAE and wider GCC, blogging predominantly in English, also with some analysis on the blogs themselves and how they contribute to the CEO profile and company reputation in general.

I’ll be searching under my own steam but of course any submissions for investigation/ inclusion are much appreciated!

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