Saviours whilst #StayHome was in full flow

Recently we published on the newly-launched LinkedIn Stories -still not sure it will take off, it feels creatively limited compared to Instagram’s offering but that is for another post- an image showing the apps most used or at least increasingly used during lockdown here in the UAE.

It is fair to say this image, possibly as it was posted on the fledgling social media tool, did not receive much engagement but it got me thinking to ask my valued readers their thoughts on the apps or services that made their extended stay at home that little bit easier. Here is the extent of my creative skills here, a mock-up of what amounts to a kind of speed dial collection of apps in the last few months here in Dubai:

COVID 19 Coronavirus lockdown apps Dubai UAE

COVID 19 Coronavirus lockdown apps Dubai UAE

It should surprise nobody that Amazon had to increase their workforce in the Middle East and North Africa region by 30% to cope with the immense surge in popularity of the app. More people at home, more people receiving deliveries, more people panic-buying toilet rolls, more people needing more stuff at home.

Where Carrefour was already well-used prior to lockdown, it became tedious to have to wait for 3 weeks for delivery and for that to arrive with broken or missing items. I understand the strain on the system I really do, but please, just communicate with me, let me know and I will be fine about it, promise.

So we have typically more minor players filling the gap, alongside Amazon. One pleasant, though more expensive find, was the speedy delivery of the Organic Foods and Cafe. Same or next day delivery, if arriving in odd packages, but quality products and prompt doorstep arrivals. More reliable and certainly higher quality than Instashop, but I was pleased to try it out in the long run, a good backup as needed.

Then there was the content. Conversely I have been listening less to podcasts during this period as tend to treat it like radio on my already short commute to the office. But then more time at home with the wife and cats and TV led to an almost complete consumption of Netflix and Amazon Prime (impossible). And spending more time with the TV meant we were critical of the audio capabilities and so went shopping, the icing on the COVID19 cake being our incredible BOSE soundbar. Stunning purchase from, after we tried local ecommerce site Noon who failed and refunded eventually, Amazon.

I am afraid the guys offering everything from A to Z (check the logo in case you missed this detail) won lockdown in our house.

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